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I treat “Time” like a Side-Chick….. *Sips Tea*

Girl I had to get this up off my heart ok!  Straight up, I treat time like a side-chick… I treat time however the hell I want to, because I assume her ass is always gone be there no matter what! And this behavior of mine MUST STOP NOW!  My moments of disrespecting time must come to an end and it’s not up for debate!  Now, let me explain where I’m coming from….

Slow & steady wins the race. This has been my motto for quite sometime now, but after last night I believe I had a life changing epiphany that forced me to see time differently and more consciously.  And all of that thinking brought me to the very realistic question of…., “What if I only had 1 year left to live?” 

Now please note, I didn’t reflect on this question in sadness.  Oh no!  When this question came to me as it did, I felt so grateful and empowered because in just a matter of moments, I felt my perspective on life change damn near immediately!! And OH SO MANY of the worries that I had weighing heavy on my spirit prior to this reflective moment, had subsided!

This one question, “What if I only had 1 year left to live”, prompted me to re-prioritize EVERYTHING in my mind and in my life. This one question highlighted a truth that I’ve always known, yet I’ll admit I’ve downplayed:

The only time I have is NOW.  Das it!  NOW. The PRESENT.  Not yesterday. Not 30 minutes from now.  Not next year.  Just NOW…. Read More

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Fear Still Lives Here.

I’ve written about fear before.  I first touched on it in one of my verrrry first blog post and I spoke on it again in this post….   And yup, here I am writing about it again, because fear still lives here. Now done’t get me wrong, I have faced many of my fears since I’ve written these blog post and I have grown tremendously!  Yet girrrrrl, fear still lives here…..

 And at this moment, I have the Fear of flying HIGHER… for my dreams. My goodness, it takes a lot of tenacity, strength, courage, wisdom, patience, and much much more, to achieve dreams… dreams.  And I KNOW this. Yet knowing this fact, doesn’t make this journey to my dreams any easier.  

I’m consistently stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m often taking leaps of faith, not having a clue of what’s on the other side!!! And I am intentionally putting myself in positions to be uncomfortable, because those are usually the experiences where I reap the most learning experiences & personal growth.   Read More

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The Beginning of My Black Minimalist Journey

What is a Black Minimalist defined by Yolanda V. Acree: 

“A black person who adopts a simpler lifestyle as a means of liberation from anything that no longer serves her best self. The adoption of minimalism could be a response to overwhelming physical clutter, emotional baggage, financial debt, health concerns, or oppression. Any deep-seated desire to change one’s life can prompt a minimalist lifestyle. It also springs from a desire to liberate and positively impact black communities.”

Let me be very open & honest with you…. I own too much shit.  And all of this crap truly doesn’t mean much to me and my life, such as my surplus of: clothes, shoes, books, lipgloss, purses, papers, and maybe even a few raggedy relationships.

And I feel like it’s weighing me down and ultimately blocking my ability to progressively move forward with my goals and dreams in an efficient and abundant manner.  Yup, that’s EXACTLY how I feel right now. Exactly.

Let me explain it a lil’ bit more…

You see, I truly believe that the more I hold on to things, physically and emotionally, the less room I have to openly accept new blessings.  And no, I’m not talking about blessings that come in the form of more physical stuff.  I mean blessings of beautiful life experiences. Blessings of meeting amazing new people. Blessings of creating and achieving priceless career opportunities. Blessings of learning new skills such as horseback riding, gardening, and profound financial literacy.

I just feel as though I’m stunting my spiritual growth, in my holding on to so many things, people, & experiences that don’t make me happy, don’t feed me spiritually, and don’t do a damn thing but take up room it my mind and in my home.  And I’m over it!

So over the past 3 weeks, I kicked off my minimalist journey with clearing things from my home byway of simply throwing it away in the trash or donating it.  I’ve legit been a crazy woman on the move in my house and no item is safe!  My hands are quick and my empathy for one’s emotional connections to materialistic possessions does not exist right now lol.  It all just GOTS TO GO!

And I must say it’s working and I feel so damn good!. I’m feeling lighter and happier.  My mind feels less cluttered, and all because off the simple act of decluttering my physical space. I had no idea the results would be so instantaneous!  And to think, this is merely the beginning of my black minimalism journey……can you tell I’m excited?!?!

Perhaps to some it may sound too good to be true, but it ain’t; it’s all real girl and I want more of this feeling!  So you already know what I did…I turned to the good ole internet boo lol.

And as luck may have it, I was already following this amazing couple on Instagram (@brownkids) who just so happen to be minimalist!  And when I first started following them, initially it slipped my mind that they were minimalist, because at that time, minimalism wasn’t truly on my radar.  I simply adored the authentic black love energy on their Instagram page… and I’m a sucker for beautiful authenticity.

The woman of the couple, her name is Roe, and she is so sweet & kind.  She responds to comments in great detail and she is so cute, funny, and cool.  You can totally see that she is so passionate about her life and sharing what she knows & learns along the way with her audience!  She has truly been a heaven-send and I’m so happy the universe connected me with her.

I’ve already learned so much from her, including her introducing me to a new book I’m currently reading titled, “goodbye things” by Fumio Sasaki.  And also, in my following her Instagram page, I saw that she uses the hashtags #blackminimalist and #blackminimalism.  So you know I had to click them lol and my oh my did a whole new world open up for me!  It’s like I opened up Pandora’s box OK, lol.  As a matter of fact, I believe this is how I came across Yolanda V. Acree, whose definition of a Black Minimalist, I used for this blog post.

And right after I opened that Pandora’s box, just like all normal human beings, I started doing so much research on Google & Youtube. And let’s just say there is waaaaaay more to minimalism than one may assume.  It’s so beautifully deeper.  Too deep for this blog post lol, yet I’ll post some great videos below that will enlighten you on a few perspectives on minimalism and black minimalism.  I’ll also post a blog and podcast too lol.

Take care girl!  Loves ya!  And the links I mentioned are below 🙂


Links to YouTube Videos (And One Blog Article and one Podcast lol) on the topic of Minimalism and Black Minimalism are below.

1). Minimalism: Where to Start by Sadiya Marie.

2). Minimalism for Black Liberation: Intro (Part 1) by Yolanda V Acree.

3). Minimalism: Explaining Your Lifestyle To Family & Friends by Ambrosia Malbrough.

4). What is a Black Minimalist? Blog by Yolanda V. Acree.

5). Episode 6: Roe (of @brownkids) on Minimalism.  An interview on the beautiful podcast “hey, girl.” by Alex Elle.

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Confidence Is So Key in Entrepreneurship.

In my opinion, to start a business you need confidence. Confidence to believe in yourself enough to simply begin the entrepreneur journey in the first place. Then you’ll need confidence to grow your business and do a damn good job of doing so…CONSISTENTLY!

Not to mention, you will definitely need confidence to shake of the negative ass people you will encounter along the way that may come in the form of: family, “friends”, associates, strangers, and/or potential customers & clients. You are going to need confidence to shake all they asses off, ignore their bullshit, and continue to pursue your dream anyway!! You bet not let the devil win girl! No mam, don’t do it!

And for me personally, my confidence ain’t been right girl.  Nope, and I know exactly why….. Read More

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The Things That Dreams Are Made Of…..

The photo to this blog says so much.  It means so much to me.  It’s a representation of everything that dreams are made of, which is: hard-work, faith, belief, consistency, authenticity of self, perseverance, optimism, smiles, laughter, and glitter!  

Yup, when I see this photo, I see alllllllll of that lol.  Because there I am all the way to right of the photo, working along side 2 AMAZING women!  Learning so much and just overall experiencing beautiful-good vibes!

Working with CurlMix has truly been a dream come true, and it wasn’t even a dream I knew I had!  That’s how amazing God is!  That’s how amazing life is!  You can have all kinds of goals and dreams that you have consciously created and envisioned for yourself, then BAM!  God throws in a surprise dream come true….won’t he do it though! And for this experience, I am simply so grateful. Read More

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CurlMix February 2017: The Body Edition

Yaaaasssss!  I am so happy to share with you all that my DIY CurlMix feature for February 2017 is now here!!  I can’t believe it!

In just one year I went from never hearing about CurlMix, to finding them online, attending their CurlMix Party (Chicago) in 2016, falling in love with their products, and now being featured in one of their monthly DIY mixes!

Girl look, and it’s a good mix too.  It’s CurlMix’s first ever DIY Body Edition: Oat & Honey Body Scrub!  You can checkout the video above, to see me actually mix up all of the ingredients, and talk a lil’ sommin’ sommin’ about it lol.

Also, please know that you can purchase this CurlMix DIY Oat & Honey Body Scrub, without having to commit to a monthly subscription!!  That’s right!  CurlMix is both a monthly subscription and they sale single order items in their online shop as well!

S0 Ummmmm….. About That Discount?

Read More

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I Wanted to Give Meditation a Try….So I Did.

There are so many things in life that I’ve always wanted to do, but I simply haven’t.  I want to bungee jump, I want to go to Paris, I want to mountain climb, I want start a Podcast, I want to stay in Italy for an entire summer, BUT………_____(*insert 23,159 excuses)_____.

So I’m dedicating 2017 to a year of, intentional, new life experiences.  Working hard to push past my comfort boundaries and getting uncomfortable as hell for sake of self-growth.

In my last blog post, you saw that I finally gave yoga a try and I LOVED it!   After freakin’ damn near 9 years of wanting to try it and never even laying down on a yoga mat, I finally just DID IT.  And the simple act of doing it, and loving it, has truly revealed to me that I am missing out on some pretty cool shit that life has to offer me.  Why?  All because I’ve been too damn comfortable and content with where I stood in my life journey.

Now when I say I’ve been comfortable, please don’t assume that this means my life has been peaches & cream or strawberries & champagne.  Oh no mam!  My life has been….. Read More

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My First Yoga Experience: Black Girl In Om Self-Care Sunday w/ Lauren Ash

8 years.  Damn near 9 years.  That’s how long I’ve had the yearning to give Yoga a try, yet I simply never did…. Why?  Mostly because I was simply too intimidated by the quiet it required.

Yes, the quiet.  I always viewed Yoga as this meditative physical practice, that required my mind to shut-up lol.  And well…. that has often been a challenge for me.  My mind is always going.  Creative thoughts.  Planning thoughts.  Past thoughts.  Silly thoughts.  Non productive thoughts.  Random thoughts. Kinky thoughts lol…. just any and all thoughts. My mind stays churning.

So the idea of having to be in quiet for at least 30 minutes, had me nervous because the only time my mind stayed quiet for that long was when I slept…and even then I have oh so vivid dreams.  So instead of face the quiet challenge, I would prefer to run 2 miles in 90 degree weather, than train my brain to hush.

But January 8th,  I finally allowed myself to fully emerge within a Yoga session and it was LIFE CHANGING!

Event: Black Girl In Om : Self-Care Sunday w/ Lauren Ash

Where: REUNION, located at 2557 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL

So What Did We Do?: We indulged in a soulful yoga flow, meditation, and reflection guided by Lauren Ash, and enjoyed connecting with the Chicago Black Girl In Om community.

So Did I like it?:…… Read More

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In this moment….Who Am I? (My Random Thoughts)

Who am I? I don’t exactly know right now, in this exact moment. I mean, at my core I’m the same me I’ve been since I could remember. I’m kind, caring, intuitive. I’m also quite smart, filled with common sense, and openly allergic to bullshit.

Yet as for who I am right now, regarding career goals, where I want to live, and which of my creative endeavors I want to truly poor my heart into….I don’t know any of these answers in this moment.  And I find that it’s scary as hell, to wake up on some days and Read More

My Entrepreneur Journey

Why I Simply Had to Start My LLC (Limited Liability Company)

I’m one of those people who needs a foundation to build upon.  I’m like that with damn near everything I do and approach in life. There’s just something so damn sexy about a strong foundation that makes me feel stable and secure.

So when it came to starting my business, even though I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to execute a few of my business ideas, I knew that I was going to try something! And I found that filling for my LLC was an investment I was ready to make, to further feed my confidence as I continue to build my brand. So in August 2016….

Crystal Pearl, LLC. was born! 

solange-giphy Read More