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To Blog or Not To Blog….. F.E.A.R Versus Me

Do you know how many times I’ve started a blog in my head?  The idea of blogging has been prisoner in my mind for years!  And I allowed Fear to stop me!  Which was ultimately me holding me back!

Either I didn’t think it was the right time.  Or I just didn’t have the time.  Or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say I didn’t feel like making the time to begin writing a blog because quite honestly….I was scuuuuuured!  Scared, scuuuured, whatever you call it, I was that!

Fear had a sista all afraid of making moves toward my dreams!  Yes honey, I had embraced that four letter dream-blockin-ass word: FEAR!

False. Evidence. Appearing.  Real.

And I had fallen victim to the “what if” syndrome.  What if nobody reads my blog?  What if blogging really isn’t for me?  What if…what if….what if……

But I finally said, “Fuck it!  YOLO!!” Lol! and decided I wanted IN on the blog world; an unknown world that I have dreamed of from afar for way too long, and needed in my life immediately.

So I did my research.  Took notes.  And you and I finally meet, right here, on my blog, and in perfect timing.

Upon my discussing my desire to start a blog, some common advice I received, was for me to find my niche and stick to it.  Yet, niche’s really aren’t my thing.  And if I have to pick a niche it would be #TeamNicheCrystalPearl.  A niche where I can write about wtf I want, when I want…..yes, that sounds perfect.  And that’s exactly the platform I created.

This is only the beginning of something very profound and beautiful.


Always Ya Girl,

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