My Entrepreneur Journey

Letting Go of Fear & Perfection

I have allowed fear & perfection to be the nemesis of my progression, toward achieving my entrepreneur dreams……

Boom! There it is. The truth is on the table and I am not ashamed! Oh no mam, I’m not ashamed, I’m simply happy that I’ve finally come to realize this is my problem. And I’m sharing this new found epiphany of mine with you because, well, it just may be your problem too……

To any woman with dreams and goals of any kind, there’s going to come a time when your ass is going to have to just do it! Right? And that’s exactly where I stand in my entrepreneur journey right now.

This entire 2016 I have dedicated my life to figuring out how I can turn my passion of empowering women, into a profitable business. I have brainstormed and outlined my ass off! Yet there’s truly only so much preparing and decision making I can do prior to having to actually try out some of these things I’ve been working on!

So once again, I had to push pause.  I had to stop writing, stop brainstorming, &  stop networking.  I had to recenter myself and refocus my thoughts. I had to analyze my fear.  I had to relinquish my subconscious thoughts of perfection.  And here are just a few steps that I came up with to help me push through my season of fear & perfection, maybe it can help you too girl:

4 Steps to Letting Go of Fear & Perfection, so that you can Reach Your Dreams

1). Grab a sheet of paper and draw a line straight down the middle.  On the left side, write down a list of 10 things you are afraid of pertaining to your entrepreneur dreams.  Interacting with new people? Putting your dream out there for the world to see and judge (and hell yes they will judge because that’s what people do lol).

2). Now, on the right side, for each of the 10 things you are afraid of, write down an actionable step you can take to help you conquer that fear.  Example:

Fear#1: Fear of interacting with new people/clients. | Action Step #1: Sign up for an in-person networking event, so that you put yourself in a situation to face your fear head on!

3). Now let’s address your need for perfection.  Grab another sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  Create a list of 5 things you are currently working on, that aren’t “perfect”, so therefore you haven’t done it yet, or you haven’t shared it with anyone yet. Example: Imperfection #1: Website design isn’t as cute as you prefer, so your website isn’t live for everyone to see! | Acton Step #1: Set aside 2 hours to tweak your website the best you can or get an affordable cute theme from Etsy or Creative Market, and then just publish it so that you can literally move on to the next step!  

You can always go back and make adjustments, yet right now, you need to be looking ahead and making moves.

4).  Just damn do it!!!! Yes, sounds simple, perhaps sounds too simple, yet it’s so powerful!  Do the very things that you fear and see what happens!  I mean, what’s the point of thinking out scenarios in your head, over and over and over again, without trying it out in real life. It doesn’t make sense right?  Nope, it doesn’t. So just damn do it!  Even if it’s not perfect.  Because remember perfection truly doesn’t exist…I’m just sayin.

So get yourself together, toughen up a bit, and go!  This entrepreneur journey is not for the weak honey!  I’ve learned that lesson quick and fast!!! For this journey you need dedication and endurance, so you better get ready and get going!

Always Ya Girl,

Crystal Pearl

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