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3 Signs That It’s Time For Your Ass to Execute More and Prepare Less

As a successful entrepreneur in the making, you’ve been working hard as hell on your hopes & dreams all year long! Late nights and early mornings have been your new normal. Why?  Because you are a wise woman who knows that hard word & dedication are the bare-minimum necessary ingredients to your dreams coming true. Point blank. Period.

Yet for some reason, you’re not quite at the point you thought you would be in your entrepreneur journey. And it seems as though there’s still so much more work, research, and learning to be done.  But girl, let me be the one to tell you….IT’S TIME TO JUST DO THE DAMN THANG!

Ok wait, wait, maybe I’m not talking about you.  Or maybe I am lol.  Yet just to help clarify, here are:

3 Signs That It’s Time For Your Ass to
Execute More and Prepare Less

1). You are the Queen of Webinars & Podcasts: In 2016 alone, you have attended 1000 and 1: webinars, networking events, & conferences.  Not to mention, you have listened to 2000: Podcasts, Periscopes, Facebook live, and YouTube streams. Girl, there’s only so much information you can absorb and comprehend before you reach a true level of information overload.

2). You Have Countless Pretty Pink Planners & Organizing Your Thoughts is a new Obsession.  You have all of these beautiful and amazing ideas written down in fancy pink planners and organized all cute on your MacBook, iPhone, and Google Docs.  You over there lookin’ all levels of well put together, in your home and in your mind.

When in reality, too much emphasis is being placed on planning, organizing, and preparing. Your 2016 collection of thoughts need some more action put behind them.  Writing them down is indeed a very vital step to making them come to life, but action is the next key!

3). Not too many people, if any at all, truly know what you do. You’re doing all of this planning and getting ready for that “perfect” moment in which you’re going to share your passion/business to the world.  Yet, in the meantime, you’re meeting all these new people on social media and they’re all wondering, “Soooooo what is it that you do?  Or want to do?”  And I get it, perhaps in this moment you don’t quite know exactly what you want to do, yet with all the planning you’ve done, perhaps you can at least begin to share what field you’re looking to work in.  Are you planning on being a writer, a dancer, a musician, a coach?  Tell the world something lol.  They want to know, and if they are asking, this is a great sign that they are interested in YOU.

Now listen, if I just described you, oh honey I’m surely not casting any shade because you see, I’m describing myself lol.  So you’re definitely in good company, but we can’t stay where we are.

All of 2016 I have been damn near addicted to amazing podcast and live streams from individuals I adore; who have been feeding my intelligence with some great information.  I have composed and impressive collection of pretty pink planners lol, and I am the queen of the digital organization of thoughts.  And until recently, when people would ask what is it that I do….I would simply say, “I’m a successful entrepreneur in the making.  Seeking my passion.” And that’s a great answer, but it’s no longer enough.

And so now, honey, it’s time for us to move our assess and take are entrepreneur dreams to the next level!  We got this…so let’s go!


Always Ya Girl,

Crystal Pearl

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