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Why I Simply Had to Start My LLC (Limited Liability Company)

I’m one of those people who needs a foundation to build upon.  I’m like that with damn near everything I do and approach in life. There’s just something so damn sexy about a strong foundation that makes me feel stable and secure.

So when it came to starting my business, even though I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to execute a few of my business ideas, I knew that I was going to try something! And I found that filling for my LLC was an investment I was ready to make, to further feed my confidence as I continue to build my brand. So in August 2016….

Crystal Pearl, LLC. was born! 


And I’m so damn excited!!!!  So many possibilities!

I had been reading about creating single member LLC’s (Limited Liability Companies) for quite some time.  And after a lot of research….a whole lot, lol, I just went ahead and did it!  And I’m so happy I did.  Let me tell you why.

Not only did creating an LLC help me to feel more confident and professional, yet it also showed me that I was willing to take risk on myself.  Risk.  RISK!  Anyone who knows me, knows that risk aren’t necessarily my cup of tea, yet I am beginning to believe in that good ole’ cliche “No risk, no reward”, the more and more I journey along this entrepreneur path.

I was a bit leery at first to start my LLC so early on.  I’ve heard quite a few people say “get quite a bit of your content out there first” or “wait until you make a certain amount of money” before filling those LLC papers.  Yet, something else I’m realizing along this entrepreneur journey, is that there isn’t one right way, hell there aren’t 10 right ways do this Entrepreneur thing successfully!

As creative entrepreneurs we are all so very different, with different thought patterns and learning styles.  So it only makes sense that you make the best decisions you can for you, after you’ve educated yourself on the basic fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

I won’t go into all of the details as to why I chose to create an LLC versus a Corporation, because quite honestly there’s a lot to say about both options.  So in this instance I definitely recommend Google and your local library for assistance to help you begin to learn the basics of both.

Truth be told, books and Google were legit my best friends before I formed my LLC.  Reading and filling my mind with knowledge truly made the process so much less frustrating. And I’m not just talking about books that speak solely on how to start a business, but also books that help you with your mindset.

Mindset.  MINDSET is the major key.  So before I even opened a book about forming an LLC, I read books that helped me get my mind ready for the journey.  Books that empowered and shined lite on areas that would enhance the clarity of my thinking.

So below you’ll find a list of books I’ve read that I recommend to help you out with mindset and to learn some LLC basics.  If you’re not one who buys many books, please use your local library as a resource.  If they don’t have the book you’re looking, your local library will more than likely get the book for you!

Books I Recommend for Mindset Motivation And LLC Information

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