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I Wanted to Give Meditation a Try….So I Did.

There are so many things in life that I’ve always wanted to do, but I simply haven’t.  I want to bungee jump, I want to go to Paris, I want to mountain climb, I want start a Podcast, I want to stay in Italy for an entire summer, BUT………_____(*insert 23,159 excuses)_____.

So I’m dedicating 2017 to a year of, intentional, new life experiences.  Working hard to push past my comfort boundaries and getting uncomfortable as hell for sake of self-growth.

In my last blog post, you saw that I finally gave yoga a try and I LOVED it!   After freakin’ damn near 9 years of wanting to try it and never even laying down on a yoga mat, I finally just DID IT.  And the simple act of doing it, and loving it, has truly revealed to me that I am missing out on some pretty cool shit that life has to offer me.  Why?  All because I’ve been too damn comfortable and content with where I stood in my life journey.

Now when I say I’ve been comfortable, please don’t assume that this means my life has been peaches & cream or strawberries & champagne.  Oh no mam!  My life has been….. LIFE. Filled with bouts of happiness and sorrow.   And if I’m being real, there were many times where the sorrow outweighed the happy.   And with my saying this, some may wonder…. well isn’t sorrow a great catalyst to getting out there and living the life you’ve always imagined?

I mean, yeah, that sounds good.  But in my case, that ain’t how it went down for a long time.  Yet today is new day and I wanted to try meditation and I did. So here’s a lil’ breakdown of my meditation experience:

When Was My First Meditation?: Sunday-January 15th, 2017

Where?: Scratch Goods on the North Side of Chicago.  A cool facial mask bar that creates all of their goods from scratch.   And they also open their space up for mediation and other awesome community building  intimate events.

So Who Did I Meditate With?: Lauren Ash of Black Girl in Om, led this intimate group meditation.  She’s such a calm spirit, which I already knew from meeting her only a couple times and attending one of her Yoga self care Sunday classes.  Yet after this group meditation, it was confirmed even deeper for me, that she is soooooooooooooo amazing at what she does and she genuinely cares.  So yeah, she led the mediation and there was an intimate diverse group of people who attended as well.

How Was The Atmosphere?:  So relaxing.  There were essential oils burning.  The lights were turned off and the space with perfectly lit with himalayan salt lamps and a bit of light coming in through the window from the street lights.  It was so cool to me lol.  I was just all in.  It was new to me and I love experiencing new things.

So Would I Consider Meditating Again?: Yes I absolutely do.  And I actually recommend starting with group meditation, because it helps keep you focused.  So of course, me being the busy minded being that I am, my thoughts were all over the place.  I couldn’t stay still.  I was swaying from side to side.  I was opening my eyes.  Closing my eyes.  I was doing all of that stuff LOL!  And because I’m such a well-known busy body, is the main reason I’ve strayed away from such calm and quiet practices such as Yoga & Meditation.

Yet they are both so amazing and necessary to help me quiet my mind and center myself.  In just once session, I was able to release tension in my body and I cam to a few epiphanies that I thought about on the way home…….this shit may sound crazy to some of yall, but my oh my, it was legit life changing.  And just like I said about Yoga, Meditation may not be for everyone, yet it might be for you.  So it’s at least worth giving it a try instead of wondering….what if.

Okay girl, that about sums it up!  Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions!


Always Ya Girl,


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