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The Things That Dreams Are Made Of…..

The photo to this blog says so much.  It means so much to me.  It’s a representation of everything that dreams are made of, which is: hard-work, faith, belief, consistency, authenticity of self, perseverance, optimism, smiles, laughter, and glitter!  

Yup, when I see this photo, I see alllllllll of that lol.  Because there I am all the way to right of the photo, working along side 2 AMAZING women!  Learning so much and just overall experiencing beautiful-good vibes!

Working with CurlMix has truly been a dream come true, and it wasn’t even a dream I knew I had!  That’s how amazing God is!  That’s how amazing life is!  You can have all kinds of goals and dreams that you have consciously created and envisioned for yourself, then BAM!  God throws in a surprise dream come true….won’t he do it though! And for this experience, I am simply so grateful.

Now listen, I know I haven’t been blogging or posting on Instagram much, yet the reasons are so profound. I’ve been indulging in a beautiful season of self care, embracing yoga, meeting new people in person, and working behind the scenes with CurlMix!

Yet though I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve definitely been continuously working on figuring out my life, revisiting my goals & dreams, fueling my goals & dreams, and adjusting accordingly along the way.  

I miss blogging. I miss sharing my experiences with you all. And my missing all of that, made me realize that though I’m working my ass off in my personal life, trying my hardest to be the best woman I was born to be, it is still so important to me to share my thoughts & experiences with you.

Not to mention the fact that I love writing and when I’m not writing I simply don’t feel right….and I don’t like that feeling lol.  Thus I had to get back to it!

So here I am girl!  And thank you so much for your support!  You show me so much love on Instagram and Twitter!  And when we meet in person, the love continues!  Pleas know you mean so much to me!!!


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