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Confidence Is So Key in Entrepreneurship.

In my opinion, to start a business you need confidence. Confidence to believe in yourself enough to simply begin the entrepreneur journey in the first place. Then you’ll need confidence to grow your business and do a damn good job of doing so…CONSISTENTLY!

Not to mention, you will definitely need confidence to shake of the negative ass people you will encounter along the way that may come in the form of: family, “friends”, associates, strangers, and/or potential customers & clients. You are going to need confidence to shake all they asses off, ignore their bullshit, and continue to pursue your dream anyway!! You bet not let the devil win girl! No mam, don’t do it!

And for me personally, my confidence ain’t been right girl.  Nope, and I know exactly why….. You see, my confidence is a bit off because my mind, heart, and soul need some more healing. And that’s what I’ve been doing ALL 2017. All of it!  I’ve been really reflecting on where I’m hurting, and putting forth a lot of effort toward nurturing my emotional wounds, freeing myself of past pain, and doing my best to move forward progressively….even when I may stumble along my healing path.

And girl it is working!  Do you hear me?  It is legit WORKING!  And I am so here for this level of healing because I deserve it!  My dreams deserve it!  And with all this healing and growth in confidence, I am also experiencing more clarity on which direction to take with my entrepreneur dreams.

Entrepreneurship is always on my mind.  I’m always working on my next move.  Yet instead of making moves swiftly in 2017, I’ve purposely chosen to be a Tortoise versus a Hare along my plan of entrepreneurship; slow and steady wins the race.

I was going full speed last year, but then I HAD to slow down because I realized I needed to be still.  An in my stillness, I needed to spend more time with me, my thoughts, and my soul.

And quite honestly, I was so afraid that if I launched one of my ideas, at a time when I felt that my emotions were all over the place, I felt as though my business would take on my characteristics. And oh hell no, I didn’t want that lol!  No mam. So I stood still and took the time to really respect myself, respect my time, and respect where I stood.

I stood still to love on me.
I stood still to cry.
I stood still to read books that helped me gain new perspectives on areas I felt emotional pain.
I stood still to be with me.
I stood still to devote my time, energy, and focus on me.

And I needed every bit of this standing still.  And now, I feel better.  I feel emotionally rested.  I feel charged and ready to make a move….


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2 Comment

  1. Reply
    Widny Lherisson
    May 12, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    Well written post!!

    And you’re right about the healing. I’ve learned from my past mistakes to never launch anything without properly, and effectively healing.

    Last year, I made plans to launch my blog on August. I thought to myself,”It’s my Bday month and I graduate the following week after my bday, it’s time to launch my blog!” I was hyped about launching, that I neglected to heal from my past hurts and disappointments. Instead, I left it all underneath a rug.

    Nothing healthy comes out of anything that isn’t being properly addressed.

    1. Reply
      Crystal Pearl
      May 21, 2017 at 3:44 pm

      Hi Widny! Thank you so much for the compliment 🙂 That truly means so much to me. And so true, “Nothing healthy comes out of anything that isn’t being properly addressed.” I completely agree.

      And for me, I’m finding that I must accept that this healing thing is an ongoing journey. I didn’t know that before, yet I damn sure know that now. Take care hun!

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