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Fear Still Lives Here.

I’ve written about fear before.  I first touched on it in one of my verrrry first blog post and I spoke on it again in this post….   And yup, here I am writing about it again, because fear still lives here. Now done’t get me wrong, I have faced many of my fears since I’ve written these blog post and I have grown tremendously!  Yet girrrrrl, fear still lives here…..

 And at this moment, I have the Fear of flying HIGHER… for my dreams. My goodness, it takes a lot of tenacity, strength, courage, wisdom, patience, and much much more, to achieve dreams… dreams.  And I KNOW this. Yet knowing this fact, doesn’t make this journey to my dreams any easier.  

I’m consistently stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m often taking leaps of faith, not having a clue of what’s on the other side!!! And I am intentionally putting myself in positions to be uncomfortable, because those are usually the experiences where I reap the most learning experiences & personal growth.  

And doing all of what I just mentioned above, scares the fuck out of me every..single…time.  But I do it anyway!  Why? Because I want and WILL experience my beautiful dreams come true! 

Look, let me share something with you.  There’s nothing I can’t achieve, as long as I’m willing to put in the work and as long as I’m willing to sacrifice my comfort!  And as long as I accept the fact that my road to my dreams ain’t meant to be easy & care free, yet my dreams are damn sure worth my putting my all into, then I’ll be alright!!!   I DESRVE TO LIVE MY BEST LIFE! And I’m willing and ready to put in WERK!

And honey, YOU deserve to live your best life too!  So please keep pushing through!  Keep you read up high!  And please, please…don’t allow fear to block your road to living out your dreams!  Fear is powerful, yet you are more powerful!  Remember that!

Oh, and I saw this quote below, on the Instagram page of @pinkcouchgirl  and I just had to share it because yes, it’s filled with major keys!!  Major keys that I personally believe need to be kept in mind as one pushes past fear and directly into the direction of their dreams….  And I can honestly say this recipe works for me, because as I read this…it felt like I was reading about the life I currently live and strive daily to live. The life I chose to live, so that I can reap the results of my dreams that I crave.


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