About Me

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Writer & Content Creator

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the live you’ve always imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Who Am I?

My Name is Crystal Pearl and I was born to empower my fellow beautiful Sistas, byway of sharing my many life experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from them.  I have endured & survived a lot in my life, from unhealthy relationships to the passing away of my first born,  and I’ll be damned if all of that was in vain. Therefore I am on a mission to empower my fellow Sistas, to confidently embrace their truths and to live the life they desire…..without any regrets.

And as I continue along my journey of empowering Sistas around the world, I am determined to live my best damn life ever!  And this means to live my life filled with happiness, good health, and priceless unforgettable moments!

What Is My Blog About?

My blog is basically my diary.  I will document various aspects of my life and my journey to evolving into the best woman I can be, as I also seek out the best ways to empower Sistas everywhere!  I write about events I attend, my journey to entrepreneurship, products I love, books I adore, and basically anything else related to my life & my thoughts.  It is my hope that you gain something from my blog that will uplift you and make you smile.  So please, do enjoy!

What Do I Do?

I am a writer, creative content creator, and an aspiring empowerment speaker.

What’s My Story?  Why Did I Start My Blog?

One beautiful Chicago morning of January 2016, I woke up having finally realized I AM NOT MY PAIN!!!!  And just like that, I started my blog and began taking steps toward me living my life again!

You see….in 2013 my first born passed away shortly after birth and in that moment it literally felt as though a piece of my soul had died.  I had officially reached MY rockbottom!  I went into a state of shock and could not believe what was happening to me.  At this point in my life, I thought I paid enough dues in the “heartache & pain” department, to where I wouldn’t have to endure the pain of my first born passing away.

I mean, my father had already passed away and I barely escaped a mentally & physically abusive relationship with a man I loved so deeply…..just to name a few things.   That’s enough pain to at least spare the life of my first born that I prayed for and took fertility treatments for….right?  So I sat in that hospital room, convinced I was having a nightmare.  Yet going home without my first born alive & smiling in my arms was my new reality, where I didn’t have any answers.  All I had leaving that hospital, was a pocket full of emotions: pain, confusion, anxiety, worry, and emptiness.

I was OVERWHELMED!   Yet even through the overwhelm, I was determined to find my “new normal” and not succumb to my pain.  So I continued my successful career and work became my outlet where I performed very well.  I even continued with more rounds of fertility treatments, and was blessed with a high-risk pregnancy that resulted in a healthy baby!  I continued to be hopeful.  I did not give up…..

Yet inside of me, there was still that piece of my soul that had dissipated.  And even though I pushed through the pain, I had not healed and truly addressed my pain.  I was on auto-pilot.  I was ignoring the pain.  I was pretending to be healed and “better” for me, my family, & my friends. When truthfully it was literally taking all of my energy to simply carry-out the bare basics to survive each day of my life as a mother and as a wife.  I was just getting by. I wasn’t excelling in life.  I wasn’t taking advantage of life’s many beautiful moments.  I was coasting through life, numb & unfulfilled.

Yet with the arrival of January 2016 something inside of me awakened.  I was tired.  I was so damn tired of living a somber monotonous life. I knew that I deserved more.  I knew that I was capable of achieving happiness.  And I knew that I was worthy of healing and living out my dreams. So I started writing again.  And through my writing I began healing as I shared parts of my story with the world.  And as I continued to write I began to dream again and have goals again and now….here I am!  I feel oh so good!!!  And I feel even better knowing that you are reading my words and sharing my moments.

I openly welcome you into my world; thank you so much for being here. I’m excited that you’re here to witness me blossom into the woman I was born to be while I simultaneously uplift my fellow Sistas! Let’s embrace this journey together!


Crystal Pearl