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I Wanted to Give Meditation a Try….So I Did.

There are so many things in life that I’ve always wanted to do, but I simply haven’t.  I want to bungee jump, I want to go to Paris, I want to mountain climb, I want start a Podcast, I want to stay in Italy for an entire summer, BUT………_____(*insert 23,159 excuses)_____.

So I’m dedicating 2017 to a year of, intentional, new life experiences.  Working hard to push past my comfort boundaries and getting uncomfortable as hell for sake of self-growth.

In my last blog post, you saw that I finally gave yoga a try and I LOVED it!   After freakin’ damn near 9 years of wanting to try it and never even laying down on a yoga mat, I finally just DID IT.  And the simple act of doing it, and loving it, has truly revealed to me that I am missing out on some pretty cool shit that life has to offer me.  Why?  All because I’ve been too damn comfortable and content with where I stood in my life journey.

Now when I say I’ve been comfortable, please don’t assume that this means my life has been peaches & cream or strawberries & champagne.  Oh no mam!  My life has been….. Read More