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My Entrepreneur Journey

My Entrepreneur Journey

Why I Simply Had to Start My LLC (Limited Liability Company)

I’m one of those people who needs a foundation to build upon.  I’m like that with damn near everything I do and approach in life. There’s just something so damn sexy about a strong foundation that makes me feel stable and secure.

So when it came to starting my business, even though I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to execute a few of my business ideas, I knew that I was going to try something! And I found that filling for my LLC was an investment I was ready to make, to further feed my confidence as I continue to build my brand. So in August 2016….

Crystal Pearl, LLC. was born! 

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My Entrepreneur Journey

Letting Go of Fear & Perfection

I have allowed fear & perfection to be the nemesis of my progression, toward achieving my entrepreneur dreams…… Boom! There it is. The truth is on the table and I am not ashamed! Oh no mam, I’m not ashamed,…