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My Life

The Beginning of My Black Minimalist Journey

What is a Black Minimalist defined by Yolanda V. Acree: 

“A black person who adopts a simpler lifestyle as a means of liberation from anything that no longer serves her best self. The adoption of minimalism could be a response to overwhelming physical clutter, emotional baggage, financial debt, health concerns, or oppression. Any deep-seated desire to change one’s life can prompt a minimalist lifestyle. It also springs from a desire to liberate and positively impact black communities.”

Let me be very open & honest with you…. I own too much shit.  And all of this crap truly doesn’t mean much to me and my life, such as my surplus of: clothes, shoes, books, lipgloss, purses, papers, and maybe even a few raggedy relationships.

And I feel like it’s weighing me down and ultimately blocking my ability to progressively move forward with my goals and dreams in an efficient and abundant manner.  Yup, that’s EXACTLY how I feel right now. Exactly.

Let me explain it a lil’ bit more…

You see, I truly believe that the more I hold on to things, physically and emotionally, the less room I have to openly accept new blessings.  And no, I’m not talking about blessings that come in the form of more physical stuff.  I mean blessings of beautiful life experiences. Blessings of meeting amazing new people. Blessings of creating and achieving priceless career opportunities. Blessings of learning new skills such as horseback riding, gardening, and profound financial literacy.

I just feel as though I’m stunting my spiritual growth, in my holding on to so many things, people, & experiences that don’t make me happy, don’t feed me spiritually, and don’t do a damn thing but take up room it my mind and in my home.  And I’m over it!

So over the past 3 weeks, I kicked off my minimalist journey with clearing things from my home byway of simply throwing it away in the trash or donating it.  I’ve legit been a crazy woman on the move in my house and no item is safe!  My hands are quick and my empathy for one’s emotional connections to materialistic possessions does not exist right now lol.  It all just GOTS TO GO!

And I must say it’s working and I feel so damn good!. I’m feeling lighter and happier.  My mind feels less cluttered, and all because off the simple act of decluttering my physical space. I had no idea the results would be so instantaneous!  And to think, this is merely the beginning of my black minimalism journey……can you tell I’m excited?!?!

Perhaps to some it may sound too good to be true, but it ain’t; it’s all real girl and I want more of this feeling!  So you already know what I did…I turned to the good ole internet boo lol.

And as luck may have it, I was already following this amazing couple on Instagram (@brownkids) who just so happen to be minimalist!  And when I first started following them, initially it slipped my mind that they were minimalist, because at that time, minimalism wasn’t truly on my radar.  I simply adored the authentic black love energy on their Instagram page… and I’m a sucker for beautiful authenticity.

The woman of the couple, her name is Roe, and she is so sweet & kind.  She responds to comments in great detail and she is so cute, funny, and cool.  You can totally see that she is so passionate about her life and sharing what she knows & learns along the way with her audience!  She has truly been a heaven-send and I’m so happy the universe connected me with her.

I’ve already learned so much from her, including her introducing me to a new book I’m currently reading titled, “goodbye things” by Fumio Sasaki.  And also, in my following her Instagram page, I saw that she uses the hashtags #blackminimalist and #blackminimalism.  So you know I had to click them lol and my oh my did a whole new world open up for me!  It’s like I opened up Pandora’s box OK, lol.  As a matter of fact, I believe this is how I came across Yolanda V. Acree, whose definition of a Black Minimalist, I used for this blog post.

And right after I opened that Pandora’s box, just like all normal human beings, I started doing so much research on Google & Youtube. And let’s just say there is waaaaaay more to minimalism than one may assume.  It’s so beautifully deeper.  Too deep for this blog post lol, yet I’ll post some great videos below that will enlighten you on a few perspectives on minimalism and black minimalism.  I’ll also post a blog and podcast too lol.

Take care girl!  Loves ya!  And the links I mentioned are below 🙂


Links to YouTube Videos (And One Blog Article and one Podcast lol) on the topic of Minimalism and Black Minimalism are below.

1). Minimalism: Where to Start by Sadiya Marie.

2). Minimalism for Black Liberation: Intro (Part 1) by Yolanda V Acree.

3). Minimalism: Explaining Your Lifestyle To Family & Friends by Ambrosia Malbrough.

4). What is a Black Minimalist? Blog by Yolanda V. Acree.

5). Episode 6: Roe (of @brownkids) on Minimalism.  An interview on the beautiful podcast “hey, girl.” by Alex Elle.

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The Things That Dreams Are Made Of…..

The photo to this blog says so much.  It means so much to me.  It’s a representation of everything that dreams are made of, which is: hard-work, faith, belief, consistency, authenticity of self, perseverance, optimism, smiles, laughter, and glitter!…