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My Thoughts

I treat “Time” like a Side-Chick….. *Sips Tea*

Girl I had to get this up off my heart ok!  Straight up, I treat time like a side-chick… I treat time however the hell I want to, because I assume her ass is always gone be there no matter what! And this behavior of mine MUST STOP NOW!  My moments of disrespecting time must come to an end and it’s not up for debate!  Now, let me explain where I’m coming from….

Slow & steady wins the race. This has been my motto for quite sometime now, but after last night I believe I had a life changing epiphany that forced me to see time differently and more consciously.  And all of that thinking brought me to the very realistic question of…., “What if I only had 1 year left to live?” 

Now please note, I didn’t reflect on this question in sadness.  Oh no!  When this question came to me as it did, I felt so grateful and empowered because in just a matter of moments, I felt my perspective on life change damn near immediately!! And OH SO MANY of the worries that I had weighing heavy on my spirit prior to this reflective moment, had subsided!

This one question, “What if I only had 1 year left to live”, prompted me to re-prioritize EVERYTHING in my mind and in my life. This one question highlighted a truth that I’ve always known, yet I’ll admit I’ve downplayed:

The only time I have is NOW.  Das it!  NOW. The PRESENT.  Not yesterday. Not 30 minutes from now.  Not next year.  Just NOW…. Read More

My Thoughts

Fear Still Lives Here.

I’ve written about fear before.  I first touched on it in one of my verrrry first blog post and I spoke on it again in this post….   And yup, here I am writing about it again, because fear…

My Thoughts

Confidence Is So Key in Entrepreneurship.

In my opinion, to start a business you need confidence. Confidence to believe in yourself enough to simply begin the entrepreneur journey in the first place. Then you’ll need confidence to grow your business and do a damn good job of…

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The Things That Dreams Are Made Of…..

The photo to this blog says so much.  It means so much to me.  It’s a representation of everything that dreams are made of, which is: hard-work, faith, belief, consistency, authenticity of self, perseverance, optimism, smiles, laughter, and glitter!…

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So You Wanna Be A #GIRLBOSS?

As I continue on this journey of revamping my blog and ensuring that I give you the best me that I have to give, I’m finding that the soul searching aspect of this journey is quite amazing! I have been…

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Beyonce’s Magic……Lemonade.

I think Beyonce just turned me into Lemonade…. I honestly wasn’t going to write a blog about Beyonce’s Lemonade, simply because it would take pages-upon-pages to truly explicate this musical masterpiece, and to do so in a manner, which…