My Entrepreneur Journey

3 Signs That It’s Time For Your Ass to Execute More and Prepare Less

As a successful entrepreneur in the making, you’ve been working hard as hell on your hopes & dreams all year long! Late nights and early mornings have been your new normal. Why?  Because you are a wise woman who knows that hard word & dedication are the bare-minimum necessary ingredients to your dreams coming true. Point blank. Period.

Yet for some reason, you’re not quite at the point you thought you would be in your entrepreneur journey. And it seems as though there’s still so much more work, research, and learning to be done.  But girl, let me be the one to tell you….IT’S TIME TO JUST DO THE DAMN THANG!

Ok wait, wait, maybe I’m not talking about you.  Or maybe I am lol.  Yet just to help clarify, here are:

3 Signs That It’s Time For Your Ass to
Execute More and Prepare Less

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My Entrepreneur Journey

Letting Go of Fear & Perfection

I have allowed fear & perfection to be the nemesis of my progression, toward achieving my entrepreneur dreams……

Boom! There it is. The truth is on the table and I am not ashamed! Oh no mam, I’m not ashamed, I’m simply happy that I’ve finally come to realize this is my problem. And I’m sharing this new found epiphany of mine with you because, well, it just may be your problem too……

To any woman with dreams and goals of any kind, there’s going to come a time when your ass is going to have to just do it! Right? And that’s exactly where I stand in my entrepreneur journey right now.

This entire 2016 I have dedicated my life to figuring out how I can turn my passion of empowering women, into a profitable business. I have brainstormed and outlined my ass off! Yet there’s truly only so much preparing and decision making I can do prior to having to actually try out some of these things I’ve been working on!

So once again, I had to push pause.  I had to stop writing, stop brainstorming, &  stop networking.  I had to recenter myself and refocus my thoughts. I had to analyze my fear.  I had to relinquish my subconscious thoughts of perfection.  And here are just a few steps that I came up with to help me push through my season of fear & perfection, maybe it can help you too girl:

4 Steps to Letting Go of Fear & Perfection, so that you can Reach Your Dreams

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Femme In Bloom: Travel, Love, Grow Tour-Chicago!

This time last week, I was entertaining my taste buds with some delicious food, while having great conversations, and simply enjoying all of the positive energy that was surrounding me!!!  And I had such a great time that I didn’t take many photos at all because I was too busy savoring the moment!  This event was filled with stunning natural hair sistas from wall to wall!  And the hosts, Rene Daniella of @OwnByFemme and Jessica Franklin of @Heygorjess, are just as kind & sweet as they are beautiful!

Event: Femme In Bloom: Travel, Love, Grow Tour-Chicago Brunch

Where: Dolce Italian (Located within The Godfrey Hotel Chicago)

So What Did We Do?:  For one, we partook in a damn good brunch, as our laughter literally filled the air of Dolce. Read More

My Entrepreneur Journey

Social Media Overwhelm is So Real! Here’s My Solution.

Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Stories, regular Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin…..HELP ME!  HELLLLLLP YA GIRL!

I wave my white flag! I surrender!  It is true. It is so damn true, I am not able to master all of the social media platforms that are made available to me on this Earth, at this time.  I just don’t want to.  It’s just too much lol.

Ok, so today I set aside a few hours to further organize my social media life, so that I can produce more content, on a more consistent basis. And even though I had hours to do it…I found that I wasn’t very productive at getting any more organized.  If anything, I just got more overwhelmed lol.  Yet, what did occur was a much needed realization, which is:

Social Media takes up too much of my time and I’m not here that! I have so many amazing things I want to share with you all, and there are only so many hours in a day!  I have to be wise & strategic with my time.

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My Entrepreneur Journey

Delegating Is Mandatory, Even On a Budget.

This morning, after a bout of sincere frustration, I realized that as I continue to move forward with my entrepreneur journey, I must delegate various task, so that my progression is more steady.  And if I don’t delegate, my success will indeed suffer big time! Let me explain.

I simply cannot do it all by my damn-self anymore! I can’t!  It’s draining me of my positive creative vibes! 


And yeah, it’s pretty much that simple.  You see, I’ve been trying to do way too much all by myself, because I didn’t want costly things such as logos, web-design, and overall branding to eat my startup money! And oh please believe me, they will!!!!

I recently went to a young woman’s page to checkout her branding package quotes and I damn near fainted! Upwards of $2000.

Too Much GIF lol

That’s right Two-Thousand entire dollars minimum.  And I’m going to keep it all the way real with you and let you all know, that ummmmmm that ain’t in the budget. Read More

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NikeWomen BraHaus-Chicago w/ Lauren Ash of #BlackGirlInOm

So I was leisurely browsing through Instagram (per the usual, it may be an addiction) and as I was admiring the beauty flowing through my timeline, I came across this cute photo of Lauren Ash, the Founder of @BlackGirlInOm.

I love Lauren’s post because she is filled with such calm, relaxing, bright, and beautiful energy, so of course I had to read the post from beginning to end because when her post are a bit longer than usual, I know she’s about to give me life!  And I am so happy I did, because at the very end she presented the opportunity to enter to win a ticket to her Nike+ NikeWomen Brau-Haus Chicago event,

I have been in desperate need to attend an event where Lauren is the host, because my life has been so hectic with my trying to figure my whole-entire-life out before the end of 2016 lol, and I surely needed a dose of her calm. So I submitted my answer so fast hoping my entry was amongst the first to post because I needed to win!  I needed this!

And yes, ya girl WON honey!  I won that ticket girl!  Yaaaaasssss!   Read More

My 365 Day Vegan Cleanse, My Entrepreneur Journey, Self Love

Ya Girl Had to Push Pause!

And I had to push that pause button real quick and with much precision!!!  I have been going very hard on my Entrepreneurial journey honey!  I’ve been reading, absorbing, seeing, listening, sharing, and executing so much new information!  I’ve been organizing, strategizing, and creating!  So long story short, I have been overwhelming myself juuuuuuuust a little bit, and I had to give myself a reality check. Read More

My Entrepreneur Journey

Girrrrl, You Better Write That Business Plan.

As I continue to narrow down my passions and construct them into a successful business that I love, my mind has been churning out all kinds of ideas!  And each and every idea sounds amazing!  Yet at the moment, these ideas are all over the damn place lol!

So over the past few months I’ve been writing down and building upon many of my ideas.  I have notebooks and journals filled with notes, scribbles, outlines, and more.  IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! Lol!  Why? Because I love order.  My entire life functions best when everything is organized, and honey this brainstorming process is wrecking havoc on my OCD desires; something has to give……. Read More

My 365 Day Vegan Cleanse, My Entrepreneur Journey

My 365 Day Vegan Cleanse For Clarity Along My Entrepreneur Journey

I’ve been thinking about going Vegan for about the past 2 months now.  And the other day I woke up and decided, I just had to damn do it!  BOOM decision made!  And my reason for going vegan goes waaaaaaay beyond my desire to drop a good 34 pounds.

As a matter fact, there are 3 particular reasons as to why I just had to damn do it!  And believe it or not, it is mostly driven my current journey to becoming an Entrepreneur.  As an emerging Sista Entrepreneur, there is no better time than now, for me to get my life allllll the way together!  And I feel as though going Vegan will definitely help me do just that!

Reason #1: Clarity

As you all know, I’m a woman of many passions, so it’s been quite the challenge for me to decide which passions to actually build me entrepreneur venture upon.

So in my making these very important & life changing decisions, I need to make sure my mind is clear honey!  ALL THE WAY CLEAR.  I need my mind to be on point, so that I can make the best decisions for my business and for my life.  My becoming a very happy & successful entrepreneur is a very very very Serious Matter!   And therefore, I’m willing to sacrifice some of my absolute favorite foods and drinks, in an extreme effort to ensure mental clarity by damn near any means necessary lol.

And from my past experience with being Vegan, this is definitely the route to go for me personally, because I always gain such an intense level of clarity when I’m indulging in such clean eating.  I’ve been a Vegetarian since 2008, yet the longest I’ve gone Vegan was for 120 days.  So yeah, ya girl is little nervous about 365 days of veganism, lol, but I done claimed it!  So I’m going to complete it!  Even when pizza is calling me name; I won’t give in lol!   I will be seeking Clarity throughout my Vegan Cleanse.


Reason #2: Discipline

I honestly believe that the success of  a dedicated & true entrepreneur, is rooted in discipline.  Entrepreneurs typically start off doing almost every damn thing for themselves!  And there is no way in hell that they can do everything, without discipline. Read More